Important RDF/RDM definitions


The contribution that should be expected from an employee to achieve the aims of the organisation.

Job description
A description of the visible results which a job is meant to provide and of the competencies which the employee who does this job is meant to possess.

Area of results
Designation of:
a configuration of some visible output of the job, for instance : 'designing buildings', and / or:
a field in which some assignments fit, for instance : 'acquisition of new building projects', and /or:
a 'box' in which you want to store results, for instance : 'creative activities', and / or:
a set of tangible products, for instance : 'recent designs'.

Performance indicator
Objective criterion for an agreed result.

Behaviour indicator
An explicitly described category of behaviour that is related to success at a job.

Quality that is absolutely needed to do the job. Behaviour, skill, activity for which an employee is qualified, able and willing. The factor 'willing' in this definition implicates that a subjective aspect has important influence.

Competency profile
Job description which contains the intended results of the job, some critical situations, the required behaviour and the necessary competencies, all clear and objectively measurable stipulated.

The content of an assignment to perform certain job activities.

The visible and measurable output of a performance of job activities.

Critical situation
Description of a theoretical situation that is very significant for determining either very well or poor performance and which illustrates success or fatal failure on the job.

Critical incident
Description of an actual situation of job performance which gives strong indications for behaviour, results, performance indicators and competencies which are most needed or absolute intolerable for the job.

STAR (situation, task, action, result):
A method for compiling relevant information about job content and job performance by asking for an example of recent important job performance : 'the situation'; what was the formal task of the performer; what was his actual action and what was the result attained, in that order.

Last updated : july 21 2007